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  • The Original Originalist: Roger Taney, Dred Scott, and Today’s Supreme Court Majority
    Today’s New York Times includes not one but two articles** that refer to “originalism,” the belief that the U.S. constitution must be understood as its framers would have understood it…that we must erase the 253 years […]
  • Election Fraud is Real! And Really Small
    Trump’s claims of election improprieties are baseless according to a group of international observers.Really?Just what exactly is the access that these people have to our election?They don’t have special access, at least they shouldn’t have.Go mind […]
  • Like Light from a Distant Star
    Worth remembering: Today’s covid-19 statistics are a glimpse into the past. Today’s new cases generally reflect contacts that happened 5 to 10 days ago, when social distancing had just gotten started. A study in China found […]
  • Caution: Rough Area Infested with Poisonous Snakes
    I’ve been writing about science and technology–life science and information technology–for four decades, mostly as the top editor of publications like Bio/Technology (renamed Nature Biotechnology), Pharmaceutical Technology, and BioTechniques. During that time I’ve learned some things, […]

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